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Hello! I'm Karen (she,they, neurodivergent)

Who am I? Well, I'm a globetrotter, an empath, an introvert who's a bit obsessed with order around me (thanks, OCD!), and a fan of both tea and scotch. I'm also the proud fur-mom of Daenerys, although she's not exactly living up to her royal name (unless you count the occasional craziness). I find joy in simply experiencing the essence of life.


Cutting through the nonsense and avoiding fake vibes is my thing—I got it from my mom, who had this superpower of seeing through people. Growing up with that insight helped me curate the kind of energy I want around me.

Understanding and empathizing the struggle of those trying to be recognized in

this world is close to my heart. I almost flunked my entire elementary school journey because my teachers couldn't grasp my neurodivergent learning style. It's a journey that shaped my empathy.

Neurodivergence is a strength, and I work with organizations to create a culture of inclusion and acceptance. 3 Dots Coaching offers a range of services, including individual coaching, team coaching, and organizational consulting. I bring a wealth of knowledge, lived experience, and expertise to each engagement, and am committed to delivering results that make a difference.

Certifiably Awesome: Credentials for Your Confidence


Motto Mojo: Riding the Wave of the Neurodivergent Vibes

Embrace the uniqueness of your mind; in the diversity of thoughts, your neurodivergent strength adds to the inclusive conversation.

Hear It from the Cool Kids:
Yes, the "Bragging Rights". 

Carlos Brito | Technology Executive @EssenceMediaCom
“I have been fortunate to work with Karen on multiple occasions. Karen's knowledge and passion comes through on every L&D engagement she leads. She came to my smaller-sized office in Ann Arbor and helped us learn about ourselves and how to improve our communication and performance. Many concepts and techniques I learned then are still relevant and have helped me along the way.”
Edward Cruz | Head of North America @Bentley Lewis
“Karen offers a wide range of services, from executive coaching to leadership development, and her expertise in these areas is truly commendable. Her ability to work with diverse teams and individuals, helping them unlock their strengths and navigate challenges, is both impressive and inspiring. Having worked with Karen, I have seen firsthand her passion for making a positive impact.”
Statton Hammmock | Corporate  Counsel 
Karen is one of our world’s rare gems. We met by chance through a networking platform, and I was immediately drawn to her friendly demeanor, and the kindness and concern she showed me after I described a difficult job search, I was going through at the time. A week later Karen reached out offering further support and asking me very insightful and challenging questions that made me think deeply about what I value, I thought were important and what I wanted to achieve.
Kristyl Crayton | Leader
“Karen is an exceptional coach. I really appreciated how she helped to center our coaching plan on what I wanted to accomplish at this point in my career, which drives focus on ensuring that we were strategically tackling those areas of development. She complimented her sessions with supplemental items like articles, assessments, and exercises that would help me further lean in to the tactics discussed and served to reinforce what I learned.
Leadership Board Member
@NJ Jefferson County PTA

“I liked Karen’s facilitation because she combined honest explanations, with real life examples. Subtle humor is helpful in dealing with a difficult topic. I think this is something that should be repeated every year at PC, and should be encouraged at HSA/PTAs because the learning is beneficial.”

Slow mornings, washings hands, time in nature, good healthy daily habits, healing, dogs, potatoes, corn, and really great hats.
Hustle culture, superficial anything, Negative"-isms", long emails, bullsh*t, band-aid fixes, boring anything.
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