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Welcome to 3 Dots Coaching!

Breaking Boundaries:
Empowering Neurodiversity, Fostering Inclusion, and Elevating Leadership through Executive Coaching Excellence

The Story: Because 'Normal' is Just a Dryer Setting

At 3 Dots Coaching, I'm your go-to person for executive coaching and consulting. Picture this: I'm all about neurodiversity, crafting neuroinclusion training, and shaking things up with policies that make sense. I even sometimes do a speaking engagement or two.


Whether you're a neurodivergent leader, an individual on a quirky journey, or just someone curious about embracing neurodiversity, I've got your back. Let's cook up a personalized coaching plan or strategy that suits your style and goals—because why settle for anything less than thriving in your personal and professional game? Let's make it happen!

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Ready when you are!
How can I support you today?

Ever feel like your brilliant brain could use a quick tune-up? Whether you're neurodivergent or just neuro-neat, book your complimentary "NeuroBoost" session with me. In half an hour, we'll troubleshoot any hurdles tripping you up at work or in life.


From upleveling stuck routines to conquering overwhelm, I'll share simple tips to help you break free and feel good. It's a judgment-free zone for all the quirks that make you unique!  Who knows, maybe some insights might land that you didn't expect.


Just 30 mind-blowing minutes to reset your headspace and get you revved up for success.

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